From brainstorm to burgee – the process of making a Sailbag Lady Flag.

From a kernel in your imagination to a fun and fantastic flag in your mailbox, we really can make your dreams fly. This is how we do it.

1Step one – from idea to illustration. Whether you phone us, fax us or upload your idea, the first step is to move from your inspiration to our initial design. In this case, the customer’s idea was to use the words “6 Republicans, 1 Democrat.” Problematic for a flag, we knew imagery would work better and developed the sketch to the left.
1Step two – approved design.
Once confident we have captured your vision in the design phase, we present a final illustration for your approval (in this case, the Democrat had a good sense of humor!). We can email a jpg or fax a copy. Upon approval, we move forward.
1Step three – sewing.
All flags, banners, pennants or burgees we produce are handmade right here in Madison, CT. We use time-tested materials like 400 denier nylon and sailmaker grade hoist thread and grommets that will stand up to the marine environment.
1Step four – trimming.
Our heritage in the nautical arena makes us very conscious of how the harsh, outdoor environment affects our flags; we take great care to trim excess material for looks and last.
1Step five– grommeting.
A key function of any flag is display but it’s also a potential weakness. We place grommets atop reinforced sail tape and use industrial-quality installation.
1Step six– completion.
Only upon passing a rigorous inspection do our flags, banners, pennants or burgees receive our stamp of approval in the form of our Sailbag Lady tag.