create“We can make your dreams fly” is our motto, and nothing makes us happier than bringing a customer’s vision to life.  But first, we need to understand what you are looking for in a flag.  Absent a face-to-face conversation (our favorite kind!), we’ve pulled together a sketch template and some simple steps to transform your dream into a design blueprint.  The overarching thought and key to a great flag:  KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Thought starters

1) Focus on one idea or theme, and then personalize it.  For example, a southwestern theme might be a gecko or Kokopelli. Pick up the colors of your boat. Maybe build an initial into the design; work the first letter of the owner’s last name into the outline of your flag.

2) Often times, boat names are based on a play-on-words or the boat owner’s livelihood, such as Tooth Ferry, which may suggest a design or caricature. Have fun with this – try sketching a little on your own; we’ll help to flesh it out.

3) Some flag designs use simple maritime symbols like anchors, dolphins or Poseidon, and then incorporate the owner and spouse’s initials. An anchor, for example, can become a “J”, “T” or “M”, etc.

4) We don’t typically recommend using a boat’s name as the primary design of a flag; it’s already on the stern and lettering generally doesn’t make for an interesting flag. But a dragon with a fishtale? Now we’re talking …

5) In a nutshell … simple, personalized design in contrasting colors.

Typeface options

The following typefaces are available in-house:


If you’d prefer a different font, send us a jpeg file on the order form and we’ll quote it for you.

Icon options

The right icon can quickly communicate a thought or feeling.  We have literally hundreds of them in-house and you can see our current collection here.  Some of the more popular icons are depicted below.


Again, if you have another icon in mind, please send us a jpeg file of the image on your order form.

Shape options

Our flags typically come in one of the following four shapes. That said, if you have something else in mind, let us know.  We are a can-do company!


Color options

All of our flags are made from Dupont SolarMax ™ – 200 denier nylon highly-resistant to fading and bleeding. Very durable but also light enough to fly even in the slightest breeze.

Some tips for choosing colors:
1) Plan your design in contrasting dark and light colors.
2) Use accent trim color to pick up one of your design colors, primarily when you have a white or light-colored flag.
3) Avoid white trim on dark-colored flags as it usually makes your flag look smaller.
4) Over time, flags will fade so go with stronger colors rather than pastels against white flags.

Here are the colors we offer:

French Blue U.N. Blue Bluebird Blueflower
Lavender Royal blue Turquoise Aqua
Lilac O.G. Blue Irish Green Mint Green
Pansy Navy Blue Emerald Green Dartmouth Green
Black Ruby O.G. Red Canada Red
Charcoal Spice Brown Rust Orange
Silver Sandalwood Golden Poppy Salmon
White Ecru Peach Magenta
FM Yellow Buff Crocus Wineberry
Spanish Yellow Gold Orchid EG Purple