In 1982, Bettina Braisted turned up at the Norwalk Boat Show with a bag full of flags, a sketchpad and a mission: to make dreams fly. A love of all things nautical, which took root at the age of three months when she crewed her first off-shore sailing race and Bettina’s inspired and well-developed creative streak combined to give Bettina the desire and ability to make fun, vibrant, unique sailing burgees and flags.

Boaters welcomed Bettina’s enthusiasm, flair and dedication to customer service and satisfaction: she wasn’t happy until they were happy. Soon enough, Sailbag Lady burgees and battle flags were flying aboard sloops and skiffs from New York to Newport. The Sailbag Lady tag became known for creativity and quality in custom boating flags.

Over time, boaters spread the word about The Sailbag Lady and people soon hired her to make custom flags and banners for other uses: special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and graduations, business and commercial uses such as store signage, meetings or events or as ornamentation for their homes and yards. Proof of the intergalactic appeal of The Sailbag Lady came in December of 2001, when she produced a 2’ x 3’ flag that flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


Now based in Madison, CT (where all Sailbag Lady flags are designed and handmade), Bettina serves customers along the Connecticut, NY and Rhode Island shoreline as well as points North, South, East and West! After 35 years and countless burgees and pennants later, The Sailbag Lady has become the go-to resource for anyone seeking quality, creativity and a bit of flair in their custom-made flags and banners. Bettina takes great pride in turning customer’s visions into reality – she really can make your dreams fly!