Sailboat battle Flags

The latest rage on the Racing/Cruising circuit is the Campaign or "Battle Flag". With a colorful, well-chosen image, it makes a bold statement fluttering to the starting line or comfortably cruising in your favorite area.

The battle flag generally flies on the forestay. It is a large, rectangular battle flag with a 28 degree slant cut in the forward edge. This allows it to fly straight back when hoisted on the angled forestay. We attach a number 6 luff tape to the forward edge so that it will feed into the jib track system although it may fly independently. Because it is substantially larger than a personal pennant, you can opt for a more detailed choice of logo for your battle flag.

A powerful (warlike) image such as a mythical creature, or a funny cartoon character
works well on a battle flag. Be creative! By all means avoid "words" for your main battle flag design which will require a heavy double thick flag to reverse the lettering.
See Icon page for suggested designs. If you already have your logo, e-mail it as a jpeg image. We offer free design assistance.

Suggested sizes:

Flag size:


Boat: 20’ - 29’

3’ x 5’

from $185.00

Boat: 30’ - 39’

4’ x 6’

from $245.00

Boat: 40’ - 55'

5’ x 7’

from $325.00